• Rights of persons with disabilities in Zambia

    End of Mission Statement by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, Ms. Catalina Devandas-Aguilar, on her visit to Zambia.

  • Alcohol Use Disorders: Contemporary Issues

    National Drug Dependence treatment Centre (NDDTC) and Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is hosting the Annual National CME on Substance Use Disorders at Dr Ramlingaswami Board Room, AIIMS, New Delhi, on 30 April. Shared by Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, collaborative member of the Gulbenkian Global Mental Health Platform.

  • Assessment of forensic psychiatry in Ukraine

    The final report on the assessment visit to forensic psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine was recently presented. The report is a joint publication of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP.

  • No backwards steps in Brazilian mental health reform!

    The replacement of the Brazilian mental health national coordinator, Dr. Roberto Tykanori, by Mr. Valencius Wurch, the ex-director in the 1990’s of one of the most terrible psychiatric hospitals of Brazil triggered national and international support to defend the reform and the movement "luta antimanicomial".

  • Our Stories, Our Lives

    Our Stories, Our Lives is a documentary which captures the lived experiences of people with mental health problems in Chennai, India and Harare, Zimbabwe.

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