Earthquake in Ecuador: The population is fearful and nervous

Posted by Gulbenkian

Earthquake in Ecuador: The population is fearful and nervous

More than a week since a 7.8 magnitude struck Ecuador, the repercussions from the earthquake continue to affect the population. Many families are sleeping outside because they’re afraid of aftershocks. Makeshift shelters dot the landscape in the most affected areas, with people unsure how long they’ll have to live in these conditions.

Official figures put the death toll at 650 people, with 48 people missing and more than 29,000 in shelters. MSF teams in Ecuador are concentrating their efforts in areas where help has not yet arrived.

Psycho-social support is missing almost entirely in affected areas,” said Gloria Perez, project coordinator for the MSF team in Muisne. “Aftershocks have continued these last few days and this increases people’s psychological symptoms: they’re scared, worried and nervous.”

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