Alcohol Use Disorders: Contemporary Issues

Posted by Gulbenkian

Alcohol Use Disorders: Contemporary Issues

The CME is themed “Alcohol Use Disorders: Contemporary Issues” and endeavors to cover a broad range of topics related to alcohol use that are relevant in modern times. The CME agenda include topics such as: changing epidemiology of alcohol use disorders; recent advances in neurobiology; medical co-morbidities associated with alcohol use; controversy surrounding health benefits of alcohol; management of alcohol use disorders; and national alcohol policy, amongst others.

Additionally, a Quiz for all trainees in the field of Mental Health will be organized as part of the CME. Interested students are requested to register themselves in the CME website for the quiz. The CME will be followed by a contributory dinner for all CME participants, providing the opportunity for informal interaction.

The organizing committee cordially invites you to the CME. For further details and queries, please visit the conference website.


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