• Lisbon International Learning Program on Mental Health Policy and Services

    As a new and innovative development of the International Master on Mental Health Policy and Services (NOVA University of Lisbon), we will organize during the year 2017 an International Learning Program for mental health leaders and professionals willing to develop public health skills in mental health policy and services, with a special emphasis on low- and middle-income countries.

  • Cultivating a workers’ paradise

    La Fageda is one of Spain’s most successful dairy farms. It’s also a co-operative which employs mentally ill people.

  • New UN Resolution on Mental Health and Human Rights

    Today the UN Human Rights Council adopted a Resolution on Mental Health and Human Rights which provides additional impetus to address human rights in mental health and also signals a commitment by countries to achieve this.

  • Mobilizing French communities through Mental Health Weeks

    Mental Health Weeks promote mental health by raising awareness throughout France. Every year for the past 27 years, users’ groups, families’ associations, professionals, researchers and local elected politicians come together to offer conferences, concerts, exhibits, workshops and other platforms for dialogues about mental health.

  • Building general practitioner capacity in Tunisia by implementing the mhGAP

    To address the high mental health treatment gap in Tunisia, the Tunisian Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the WHO Country Office for Tunisia, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal, Canada, and the Montreal WHO-PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health, launched the implementation of the mhGAP programme in the Greater Tunis Area.

  • Belgium: switching to community mental health care

    In response to WHO’s Mental Health Action Plan 2013–2020 and as part of the national mental health reform that began five years ago, Belgium has shifted from traditional, large psychiatric institutions to a modern, inclusive care system with increased focus on the community.

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