Technical documents


The Gulbenkian Global Mental Health Platform is collaborating with the World Health Organization to generate and disseminate vital knowledge about mental disorders. As a starting point, WHO and the Gulbenkian Foundation will convene more than 60 international experts from a broad range of countries, cultures, and areas of professional expertise. Based on this collaboration, innovative knowledge will be generated about key topics that urgently need to be addressed to improve global mental health. This knowledge will be synthesized in the form of four technical documents, which will be published for the benefit of everyone seeking to take action in these areas:

1.    Health-system based strategies for organizing and delivering comprehensive and integrated care for mental disorders and other chronic health conditions;

2.    Innovative methodologies for shifting from hospital to community-based care, including operational approaches for establishing community mental health services and promoting social inclusion;

3.    Population-based strategies that can be implemented through health and non-health sectors to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders;

4.    Strategies to stop human rights violations of children with mental disabilities in hospital and community settings alike, including alternatives to institutionalizing children with mental disabilities.

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