International Forum on Innovation in Mental Health

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International Forum on Innovation in Mental Health

This meeting will focus on the documents produced by the Gulbenkian Platform about the links between mental disorders and noncommunicable diseases, about innovations in mental health care, and about the links between social determinants and mental ill health. 

During the first session, the speakers will present and discuss the technical document about health-system based strategies for organizing and delivering comprehensive and integrated care for mental disorders and other chronic health conditions. The lecture Integrating mental health care in priority health programs: addressing a Grand Challenge in Global Mental health, by Professor Vikram Patel, will end this first session.

The second session of the Forum will be on the publication that addresses innovative methodologies for shifting from hospital to community-based care, including operational approaches for establishing community mental health services and promoting social inclusion. Dr. Sashi Sashidharan will close session two with the lecture Beyond the Asylum - Innovations in community mental health.

The theme of the last session of the Forum is Social determinants of mental health, and the lecturer will be Professor Sir Michael Marmot. During session three the document wich addresses population-based strategies that can be implemented through health and non-health sectors to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders will be presented and discussed.

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