Cycle Around the Globe

Posted by Gulbenkian

Cycle Around the Globe

As of 9 September, 2014, individuals and organizations across the world have pledged to cycle, and in some cases walk, to raise suicide prevention awareness. The total distances pledged to date is more the twice the circumference of the planet, and they will be truly cycling around the globe, and connecting. We are so grateful for their support. Thank you. Those who have not yet pledged to cycle, please fill out the form below, or see participants listed.

Following last year's pilot cycle activity, IASP is again this year hosting Cycle Around the Globe for World Suicide Prevention Day. This year, it is free to participate; all you need is access to a bicycle.

The challenge is to collectively cycle the circumference of the globe, 40,075 km or 24,900 miles, and to have participants cycling on every continent. Please join us; it does not matter how far you can cycle; every km or mile will help and there are no limits, you can cycle at home, in the gym or outdoors.

Learn more here.

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