Grassroots activists support Disability Rights International action in Georgia

Posted by Gulbenkian

Grassroots activists support Disability Rights International action in Georgia

More than 30 disability and human rights activists, including persons with disabilities and their family members, presented powerful accounts of the challenges persons with disabilities face when segregated in institutions or left without community care. They discussed opportunities to advocate for the elimination of Georgia's segregated system of orphanages, adult social care homes, and large residential psychiatric wards for persons with disabilities. 

In December, 2013, DRI released a human rights report Left Behind,documenting the exclusion of children and adults with disabilities from reform programs, leaving persons with disabilities to continue to languish for a lifetime in abusive institutions.

DRI's report also documented the recent misuse of US international aid to construct new segregated institutions for persons with disabilities. We are pleased that the US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland joined DRI at the strategy session to express his support for the creation of new community-based care for all children and adults with disabilities, stressing the importance of ensuring that the Republic of Georgia effectively implements the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Read DRI's report Left Behind

Watch BBC World News coverage of DRI's report

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