BasicNeeds has launched a new social franchise opportunity

Posted by Gulbenkian

BasicNeeds has launched a new social franchise opportunity

Social franchising is about the replication of a tried and tested model, in our case the BasicNeeds Model for Mental Health and Development (the ‘BasicNeeds Model’).

Our social franchise system will support independent organisations (such as international non-government organisations, in-country NGOs or country governments) operating predominantly in low or middle income countries to take on the delivery of the BasicNeeds Model in their territory.

These franchisees will be supported to increase the impact of their work and most importantly, the quality of life for people with mental illness, epilepsy and their families.  We aim to complement and strengthen local interest and leadership in mental health, epilepsy and development, working with partners who know their territory well and want to do more.

Empowering and supporting franchisees to take on independent delivery of the BasicNeeds Model will enable us to expand its reach in a sustainable and cost effective manner, whilst ensuring that quality and local leadership remain central to our brand.

Learn more here.

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